Wisconsin FFA Honors Band Application

Each application must contain:

1.  Completed application, verification of commitment, and band director's evaluation, including the signatures of the chapter advisor and band director. A $10 processing fee must be included with the application. Make checks payable to the Wisconsin FFA Center. Submit completed application here and mail the processing fee to PO Box 110, Spencer, WI 54479 postmarked by February 12.

2.  An electronic audition recording must be submitted to one of the following (click on the links to submit recording): WISCONSIN FFA BAND APPLICATIONS OR UPLOAD DOCUMENTS HERE. Recording is simple...and allows the director to properly place you for this prestigious band. Please follow these guidelines:

a) Use recording equipment that is of high quality. Each year there are students who are not selected because the recording is of low quality.

b) When sending your recording you must include in the subject line the following: First Name, Last Name and chapter.

3, Begin your recording following these steps:

Step 1: Slowly announce your name (first and last), chapter and address (including state).
Step 2: Repeat your name and then give your instrument.
Step 3: Begin playing the Chromatic scale (as many octaves as you can play it)... or drum rudiment.
Step 4: Play the major scale of your choice... or another drum rudiment.
Step 5: Play your part to your school song, or a favorite march.
Step 6: Play a solo and/or technical study to demonstrate your skills.
All recordings must be the work of the applicant applying and be a top quality performance which accurately represents the student's musical ability.

4. National Band recommendations are made by the State FFA Band Director. Students interested in being considered for National Band should do so by checking the appropriate area of the application. National nominations will be announced

Application fees must be sent to: Cheryl Zimmerman, State FFA Executive Director, Wisconsin FFA Center, P.O. Box 110, Spencer, WI 54479 by February 12. Audition recording must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. February 12. DO NOT SEND AUDITION RECORDINGS TO THE DIRECTORS.  All audition recordings must be the work of the applicant and should be a top quality performance to accurately review the applicant's musical ability. Please read the Application Instructions sheet of the Wisconsin FFA Honors Band Application for specific instructions in creating the audition recording.

First Name

Last Name

Phone (Include Area Code)

Your Email






Primary Advisor Full Name

Name of High School

Student Grade

Advisor E-mail

School Address

School Phone (Include Area Code)

School City

School State

School Zip

Have you ever been a member of the State FFA Band?Years: 

Chapter Number

Membership Number

Complete FFA Chapter Name




List the name of solos played, if any, the rating in state or other contests, or any other statement of experience which especially applies to you:

List any musical honors earned (i.e., Dorian Festival Band, Local Honors Band, All State Band etc.)

Do you have performance experience in Jazz Ensamble?   

Do you want to be considered for National FFA Band nomination? 

By submitting this form I understand the commitment involved in the Honors Band and agree to honor it if selected. 

Upload Forms - Print, sign, scan, and upload the following forms and your audition recording.

Verification and Director's Evaluation




  • wisconsinffa.band-chorus@westby-norse.org
  • Subject: FFA Honors Band Application


For assistance with this form contact nathan.king@westby-norse.org or call 608-634-0104

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